Intellext, creators of the search tool Watson, announced a product enhancement that will provide all users of Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies with the ability to have content automatically delivered from SharePoint sites directly to their desktop. Watson is an intelligent search tool that proactively finds and delivers relevant information to users. It works alongside Microsoft Office and web applications, understands the context of the documents a user is working on, and automatically finds relevant information from the desktop, the web and across the enterprise. Content is delivered to the user’s desktop in a non-intrusive sidebar. Intellext introduced integration with Microsoft SharePoint as a way to offer an out-of-the-box solution to enterprise content delivery. With Watson, enterprise content finds the user. With Watson connected to SharePoint sites, content becomes proactive, more relevant to the task at hand, and is used more often. In addition, Watson ensures that existing access permissions are upheld, so that users can access only the content they are authorized to view. Watson Professional now includes, at no additional charge, the ability to connect to Microsoft SharePoint sites.