Infostoria Inc. announced general availability of its Content Integration Suite. The suite lets companies bring together people from different groups and business critical content from different sources. With help of the integration suite, companies in media, publishing, advertising, and financial services can implement content driven business processes that span organizational and system boundaries. Infostoria Content Integration Suite consists of two products: Infostoria Content Integrator – a middleware platform that enables people and applications to manage, search, and securely share digital assets regardless of where they are physically stored; and Infostoria Workgroups – a collaboration portal that helps people form ad-hoc workgroups and populate them with digital assets from disparate repositories. Key features of the Content Integration Suite include: Full-text indexing and search that spans content repositories; Extensive set of media services for image thumbnail creation, video storyboard extraction, format transcoding, and others; Meta-data extraction, auto-tagging, and categorization of content across repositories; Transparent and secure access to content stored in shared file folders and content management systems from different vendors; Integration with managed file transfer products for efficient content delivery and network traffic optimization; and a workflow engine capable of orchestrating business processes driven by content stored in different repositories.