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Day: March 6, 2006

ZyLAB Introduces eDiscovery Suite for Federal Government Applications

ZyLAB announced the immediate availability of the ZyIMAGE eDiscovery Suite for Federal Government. An integrated document, content and records management solution, ZyIMAGE eDiscovery enables government organizations to capture, investigate, structure and disclose information in a simple, secure and efficient manner. The ZyIMAGE eDiscovery suite is built on an XML data repository and provides users with investigative tools to store, search and retrieve vital information through a standard Internet browser. All unstructured data is stored in the XML data repository, and integrated functionalities enable users to capture and add new data, analyze and collaborate on the data, and retrieve and share this data. Because of its modular structure, the ZyIMAGE eDiscovery suite is scalable and provides a solution to address the requirements of both departmental and enterprise-wide organizations. The key motivation for users engaged in eDiscovery is not to miss any archived e-mail, document, or electronic file that may have relevance to a particular FOIA request or investigative activity. Therefore, eDiscovery searching must concentrate 100 percent on recall rather than on precision. The ZyIMAGE eDiscovery suite empowers users to find the information they are looking for quickly in any format and in most languages. The ZyIMAGE redaction tools offer a full range of features, including redaction on scanned images as well as click-and-drag capabilities, multi-color redaction, synonym redactions, version control, and more. Redactions can be tagged with additional key field information, which can contain data and time stamps, exemption rules, comments or applicable legal rules, redaction creators, and additional user-defined key fields.

Microsoft Acquires Assets of Onfolio

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced the acquisition of the assets of Onfolio Inc., a privately held, Cambridge, Mass.-based Internet research and information management provider. Onfolio’s technology has been incorporated into the Windows Live Toolbar to enhance the way people discover, save and reuse their personal and professional Web research. The new Onfolio Add-in for the Windows Live Toolbar beta will give people convenient ways to collect information online and organize it on their PCs. People can harness this information by saving it onto their computer so that it can be accessed for use in documents, e-mail messages and blog postings. In addition, new online information is discovered and accessed through Onfolio’s integrated RSS aggregator and reader. Collections of Web content created with the Onfolio Add-in can be organized and annotated with research notes, flags, keywords, and highlighting. As Web search becomes more precise, the ability to save the information available online in an organized way onto the desktop becomes increasingly important. It lets people use this data for authoring documents, share data and find it later using Windows Desktop Search. Support for RSS also helps people quickly and easily access the information online that matters most to them. ,

iNetWord now supports Firefox browser

iNetOffice Inc. announced that a Firefox-compatible version of its online Web editor iNetWord has entered alpha testing and is now available to the public. Offering a Firefox version means that iNetWord is now cross-browser compatible. iNetWord uses HTML+CSS as its file format. iNetWord bridges the gap between document and Web editing as users can now do both with a single familiar user interface. iNetWords Firefox version, while customized in several important areas, “looks and performs exactly the same as the Internet Explorer version.” iNetWord utilizes Ajax/Web 2.0 technology.

Justsystems Announces Planned Acquisition of Blast Radius XMetaL

Justsystems US Holding, Inc. and Blast Radius, Inc. announced that they have reached an agreement for Justsystems to acquire the XMetaL software business of Blast Radius. XMetaL provides XML content creation and collaboration solutions. The transaction is subject to various conditions prior to closing. The XMetaL family of XML authoring solutions provide a variety of functions, including content development and authoring, realtime document collaboration and multi-channel publishing. The XMetaL solutions also provide an advanced collaboration platform, enabling users to simultaneously work on XML documents. Justsystems intends to continue all current XMetaL activities, including product development, sales, and marketing. XMetaL customers will continue to receive new product updates, service and technical support through the XMetaL division. In addition, Justsystems will offer XML solutions and services based on a combination of XMetaL’s application know-how and Justsystem’s xfy technology.,

Inxight Enhances Entity Extraction in ThingFinder, Adds Fact Extraction to ThingFinder Professional

Inxight Software announced the general availability of Inxight ThingFinder SDK 4.0 and Inxight ThingFinder Professional SDK 4.0. The Inxight ThingFinder Software Development Kit (SDK) provides text analysis technology that automatically identifies and extracts key entities from any text data source, in multiple languages. Out of the box, Inxight ThingFinder automatically identifies and extracts more than 35 key entities, the who, what, when and how, such as people, dates, places, companies, email addresses, geocoordinates, facilities, etc. Using ThingFinder, developers can maximize and extend the value of their applications by enabling end-users to find important pieces of information within large volumes of documents. The new ThingFinder SDK 4.0 offers a new Java Native Interface and pronoun co-reference resolution, as well as improved processing speed. Enhancements in the expressive power and usability of the rule writing language put language-aware tools into application designers’ hands. A complete linguistic parse is available to create accurate patterns. ThingFinder can be integrated into applications that processes textual information, enabling users to create relevant, meaningful structured data from unstructured text. The Inxight ThingFinder 4.0 and ThingFinder Professional 4.0 SDKs are generally available now.

Altova UModel 2006 Released; Altova Adds Support for UML 2.1 & XMI 2.1 Specifications

Altova ( announced the latest version of its Unified Modeling Language (UML) development tool, Altova UModel 2006. UModel 2006 presents a rich visual interface and capabilities that help level the UML learning curve and enhance developer productivity by making software modeling easier. In addition to its previous roster of UML diagram types and Java code support, UModel 2006 now provides support for the latest UML 2.1 and XMI 2.1 specifications, Sequence diagrams, and C# code generation, reverse engineering, and round-trip engineering. Altova UModel 2006 is immediately available for download and purchase with the (USD) price for a single-user license starting at $129. Purchases can be made via the Altova Online Shop. Altova encourages the purchase of the Altova Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) with UModel 2006. Altova SMP provides free major software updates, maintenance releases, and priority technical support for the duration of the support period. It can be purchased for 25% of the product license price for a one-year period or 20% per year for a two-year period. SMP renewals are available beginning 90 days prior to expiration.

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