NewsGator Technologies, Inc. announced the general availability of NewsGator Hosted Solution (NGHS). NGHS is a turn-key RSS aggregation solution for publishers, media companies, content and other service providers that allows editorial control and flexibility for NGHS clients, and a vehicle for their online users to personalize their news and information. The NewsGator Hosted Solution brings news through a personalized RSS reader accessible from within existing sites. Publishers, media companies, content providers, financial services companies, professional services firms and any other company that wants to provide customized news to their online visitors can benefit from NGHS. NGHS comes with built-in templates to help customers get up and running quickly. Simply add-in basic HTML and CSS code, choose the content and be off and running. Since the product is hosted at the NewsGator Data Center, there is no need to manage software or servers. NGHS is one of four offerings in the company’s suite of Private Label programs. Also included are NewsGator Downloadable Apps (branded downloadable RSS aggregator based on NewsGator’s Windows and Macintosh desktop applications), the NewsGator Licensed API, and NewsGator Consulting Services. Detailed information about the suite of NewsGator Private Label products is available at