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Day: February 27, 2006

The OCEG IT Forum is gathering steam

The OCEG IT Forum is gathering steam in its pursuit to establish a recurring annual curriculum of connected conferences and publications for IT and GRC professionals. OCEG has combined with The Integrity Institute , The Institute for Internal Auditors and the CERT/CC to produce a series to address the complex issues surrounding the application of technology to the rapidly evolving discipline of governance, risk and compliance management. The conference is being co-chaired by Michael Rasmussen, VP of risk management and compliance at Forrester Research and myself and is being supported by a growing number of sponsors led by diamond sponsor Deloitte Consulting LLC.

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SIRE Announces Auto Index

SIRE Technologies, Inc. announced a new product called SIRE Auto Index that improves the speed and accuracy of electronic document indexing and reduces the amount of human involvement required in the process. SIRE Auto Index automatically analyzes documents, even in large batches, and creates indexes for each document. SIRE Auto Index utilizes methods to improve productivity and save time by reading a document only until the required data is found, and no further. SIRE Auto Index can be configured to recognize and read virtually any document type, including those that are unique to an organization.

Hot Banana Announces “Hot Banana for Agencies”

Hot Banana Software announced a new technology solution – Hot Banana For Agencies – targeted exclusively at online, eMarketing and interactive agencies, as well as traditional marketing and advertising agencies. Hot Banana For Agencies is designed to help all kinds of agencies manage their unique needs for clients who are running multiple marketing campaigns utilizing multiple time-limited, custom Landing Pages or Micro Marketing Sites. Hot Banana For Agencies, is a technology based on Hot Banana’s existing Active Marketing Web Content Management Suite. Hot Banana For Agencies includes many data transfer, personalization, testing and measurement features including; Hot Banana’s Form Builder (optionally linked to’s CRM); a Landing Page Manager with built-in A/B testing; Micro Marketing Site Manager for mini Web sites of up to 10 Web pages; integrated WebTrends 7 Web analytics; and optional, custom email software integration to ‘close-the-loop’ on email marketing campaigns (from vendors such as ExactTarget), which can now be measured from end-to-end. In support of Hot Banana For Agencies, Hot Banana will provide an optional grey-labelled version of the software, training and ongoing education. If the agency sees a fit, they can also become an official Hot Banana Channel Partner. Hot Banana For Agencies is available On Demand (Software as a Service – SaaS), from $475 per month. A licensed version of Hot Banana For Agencies is available on request.

btexx Unveils easyWCM 2.0

btexx unveiled easyWCM 2.0 for Web Content Management in the SAP NetWeaver Portal. easyWCM has been completely redesigned and adds the missing Web Content Management functionality to the NetWeaver Portal. Instead of integrating a third party system easyWCM is running on top of the Portal and Knowledge Management. btexx focuses on consulting for portal implementations as well as custom product development for SAP NetWeaver. btexx is a SAP Service Partner and SAP Special Expertise Partner for the SAP NetWeaver Portal.

Xenos Announces d2e Vision v2.2

Xenos Group, Inc. (TSX: XNS) announced the release of Xenos d2e Vision version 2.2 for transforming documents into electronic formats. Designed for rapid and seamless integration with other e-Business applications, this version includes enhancements in its handling of images, color and support for additional input and output print streams and formats. Written in Java, Xenos d2e Vision provides electronic content management, archiving and dynamic e-business Web document presentment solutions with data extraction, document separation, transformation and repurposing capabilities. New Features in Xenos d2e Vision Version 2.2 Include: PCL Generator – Transforms printed output from traditional high-volume data streams into PCL suitable for desktop or production printers, and supports PCL5; PostScript Generator – This component can be used to selectively output and split document input for the routing and migration from legacy printstreams, and produces PostScript Level 3; AFP Parser / AFP Generator – Enables parsing and generating AFP files that use OpenType fonts and Unicode data; JPEG Parsing and Importing; Inline Resources – Enables inclusion of all resources used in a document as inline resources in the AFPoutput; and AFP Generator ImageOptions – Allows custom definitions for processing image elements to optimize file sizes and printing speeds. Xenos d2e Vision version 2.2 is available for Windows NT/2000/XP, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris and IBM z/OS (running Unix Systems Services).

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