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Day: February 5, 2006

NewsGator Announces General Availability of Hosted RSS Platform for Media & Content Companies

NewsGator Technologies, Inc. announced the general availability of NewsGator Hosted Solution (NGHS). NGHS is a turn-key RSS aggregation solution for publishers, media companies, content and other service providers that allows editorial control and flexibility for NGHS clients, and a vehicle for their online users to personalize their news and information. The NewsGator Hosted Solution brings news through a personalized RSS reader accessible from within existing sites. Publishers, media companies, content providers, financial services companies, professional services firms and any other company that wants to provide customized news to their online visitors can benefit from NGHS. NGHS comes with built-in templates to help customers get up and running quickly. Simply add-in basic HTML and CSS code, choose the content and be off and running. Since the product is hosted at the NewsGator Data Center, there is no need to manage software or servers. NGHS is one of four offerings in the company’s suite of Private Label programs. Also included are NewsGator Downloadable Apps (branded downloadable RSS aggregator based on NewsGator’s Windows and Macintosh desktop applications), the NewsGator Licensed API, and NewsGator Consulting Services. Detailed information about the suite of NewsGator Private Label products is available at

Workshare Unveils Workshare Protect Enterprise Suite

Workshare unveiled The Workshare Protect Enterprise Suite, a content security solution built on Workshare Hygiene technology. Workshare Protect Enterprise unifies fragmented approaches to outbound content compliance, converting risky content to safe information, containing sensitive information within established perimeters, and controlling confidential content as it leaves the company over electronic channels. The entire suite consists of Workshare’s Protect client the Workshare Policy Manager and the new Workshare Network Protect gateways, all of which work independently and together. The Workshare Protect Enterprise Suite’s Identity-based Routing monitors all business information, checking content, context and sender, recipient, channel and device identities. Protect automatically cures content by cleansing metadata, removing violations, encrypting emails, applying RMS rights, and converting to secure PDF, delivering instant alerts to users as they work that signal dangerous data or actions that could violate internal policy or financial, privacy, discrimination and intellectual property regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, CASB 1386 and others. The Protect client is available now, starting at $29 per user annually before volume discounts. The Protect Policy Manager and Network Protect will be available in appliance and server deployment modes for additional fees in calendar 2Q 2006.

FAST Announces Enterprise Search Platform ESP 5

Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) announced the availability of the FAST Enterprise Search Platform (FAST ESP), FAST ESP 5. The platform’s new Contextual Insight capability delivers answers to questions, and provides users with an intelligent search experience. FAST ESP 5 provides organizations and both their external and internal users with a secure, unified point of access to all structured, unstructured, and rich media data. FAST ESP applications include risk management, surveillance, information management, eCommerce, online publishing, and mobile search. New in FAST ESP 5 is Contextual Insight, a the fusion of information retrieval and information analysis. At the heart of FAST ESP 5 is the new FAST Search Business Center providing a new and holistic view for search management. Using the FAST Search Business Center, a non-technical user can set up and tune a number of different search applications running from a single FAST ESP installation. The FAST Search Business Center provides a workflow-based user interface to enable centralized search management, tuning, configuration, monitoring, and reporting. The FAST platform is an open information retrieval system, vendor agnostic, and supports all major platforms and operating systems, development and interface languages, storage configurations and content sources and destinations.

X1 Technologies Releases X1 Enterprise Edition 2.5

X1 Technologies announced the availability of the newest release of the X1 platform, X1 Enterprise Edition 2.5. This release features a number of new developments including: the new X1 Cluster Manager, which allows IT administrators to remotely install and manage X1 servers, as well as providing central management capabilities for deploying large scale systems; a new Content Connector for Interwoven that searches on data residing in Worksite 8.0; and new X1 SDKs for extending the X1 platform to existing system and business processes. The X1 Enterprise Client gives the user a single unified view of all applications and data that resides on the desktop and the corporate network. The X1 Content Connector for Interwoven connects to the Interwoven WorkSite 8.0 data repository and federates the results with local and server-based content. The user can perform common Worksite 8.0 functions such as “open,” “check-in,” and “check-out,” and send documents within the X1 interface. X1 Enterprise Edition 2.5 starts at $15,000 per year, which includes the X1 Enterprise Server, Cluster Manager, Content Connectors and Deployment Manager which supports desktop, browser-based or mobile clients. Customer support and all version upgrades are included in the subscription fee. System requirements include Microsoft Windows Server and Active Directory / Windows Server 2000 SP4 with Internet Information Services 5 and Active Directory, 1 GB RAM and 20GB free hard disk.

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