Keynote Systems (Nasdaq:KEYN) announced a new release of its WebIntegrity service, which incorporates dynamic navigation permitting the WebIntegrity scanning technology to move into areas of a Web site not previously accessible. Using WebIntegrity 4.0, companies can ensure the quality of content for Web site pages, including forms, checkout pages and targeted secure areas, by finding broken links, bad content and privacy and compliance issues. WebIntegrity scales with large enterprise Web sites. WebIntegrity can spider along paths that require deliberate client interaction in order to move to the next page. This new scripted option in the scan, provides extensive dynamic navigation support, deeper penetration through form and search fields, paths generated with JavaScript and forms and submissions used for navigation. Available as a hosted service or as an appliance that resides inside the customer’s network, WebIntegrity allows enterprises to run on demand or scheduled tests. Keynote WebIntegrity 4.0 is available immediately. WebIntegrity pricing for a typical 100,000 page enterprise Web site starts at $29,995 for the hosted version or $39,995 for the appliance.