EMC Corporation unveiled new advanced retention management software for the EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS) platform that helps customers address various complicated day-to-day, governance and regulatory requirements. The new capabilities let organizations more effectively manage their archived information throughout its lifecycle. The new Centera features enable authorized application users and administrators to identify and extend retention periods for specific records or objects in the Centera archive. The new Event-based Retention (EBR) and Litigation Hold features help Centera Governance Edition and Centera Compliance Edition Plus customers deal with more varied and complex scenarios. For example, e-mail messages and documents that are scheduled to be automatically deleted per policy can be easily identified and retained if they are material to legal, regulatory or other events. The record or object can then be deleted when appropriate. Additionally, EMC is introducing new enhanced security features for Centera that provide greater levels of control. The ability to now create management profiles gives organizations greater flexibility to determine who can have access to specific data and at what level. The new feature also provides a full audit trail of all configuration and management activities for further governance and compliance purposes. The new Centera advanced retention software is available now and is licensed in four-node increments with a list price of $2,800. http://www.emc.com