The latest version of JCMS brings enterprises higher performance and much larger data volumes. Its ergonomics have been refined, making it even easier to use. Measured during intensive benchmarking, the performance of JCMS aims at the future needs of Jalios’ very large client enterprises. Textual searching is now adapted to very large data volumes. Users have new possibilities such as spelling suggestion, content pertinence, search refinement and multiple search criteria. In addition to western languages, JCMS now supports others including Arab, Chinese and Japanese. JCMS can cross-reference various criteria geographic, hierarchical, activities, etc. to facilitate information personalization within very large organizations. In addition, there is faster service restart when handling very large data volumes by clearing tracking logs in a parameter-defined manner so as to conserve only important records, better performance and service availability through optimized back-office performance thanks to Ajax, and improved caching and load balancing features on several servers.