Xyleme Inc. announced the release of Xyleme Application Developer Kit (ADK) 3.4 at the 2005 Gilbane Conference, being held in Boston, MA from November 29th through December 1st. The release includes a new version of Xyleme Views and the first release of Xyleme Application Builder. The new version of Xyleme Views provides a drag-and-drop mapping interface so that developers can manage diverse content structures, build complex XML queries and generate web applications, without writing any code. The new ADK also includes Xyleme Application Builder, an extension of Xyleme Views. Xyleme Application Builder uses a simple web-based form and drop-down menus to allow technical and non-technical users to generate XML-based queries and applications. In the financial services industry, for example, traders and brokers on a Xyleme platform can now immediately query across multiple systems as if all the data were in a single XML schema, even if trades are stored in myriad data structures. For organizations managing a multitude of diverse legacy systems resulting from mergers and acquisitions, Xyleme Views and Xyleme Application Builder can assimilate diverse content into a single unified view to deliver real-time, global reporting across customers and lines of business. Xyleme will demonstrate Xyleme Views and Xyleme Application Builder in Pavilion Station G. In addition, Xyleme will also demonstrate its new generation Assemble-on-Demand Publishing Solution and its Single-Source Publishing Solution for Technical Documentation and Training. http://www.xyleme.com