Vasont Systems announced the release of Vasont 10, the latest version of its single-source content management system. Vasont 10 will be unveiled at the Gilbane Conference on Content Management in Boston, MA, on November 29 – December 1, 2005. Vasont transactions can now be processed up to six times faster on corporate networks due to Vasont 10’s enhanced server-side processing on the Oracle server. Vasont utilizes the most current version of Oracle, 10g. Digital asset management capabilities have been added to Vasont 10. Users can simply drag-and-drop multimedia components, in a wide variety of file formats, from their desktop into Vasont. They can be viewed in the Vasont File Explorer several different ways, including thumbnail, detail, or list views. Vasont 10 provides users with the ability to capture, organize, and search unstructured documents and structured component-level content together in the same database. Users can now drag-and-drop entire unstructured documents from their desktop directly into the Vasont repository. The new Pointer Log in Vasont 10 manages modular reuse in a similar way that Vasont’s Global Change Log manages component reuse, giving users control over the implementation of changes to reused content. The Pointer Log tracks and time-stamps all changes made to referenced content and tells the user exactly what changes need to be approved for a particular pointer/reference.