RealObjects released version 4.3 of its WYSIWYG XHTML/XML editor edit-on Pro. The editor complements web-based Content Management, Knowledge Management, and e-Learning systems and streamlines the process of in-browser Web authoring across platforms without installation of client-side software. It empowers non-technical users to become content contributors without knowing HTML, XML or other markup languages. The RealObjects XHTML/XML editor technology is available both as a browser-based Java applet or as a JavaBean rich client control. The editor guarantees XHTML compliance of the contents created or pasted from other applications by validation. The focus for improvements in the new release was on the filtered copy and paste of Microsoft Word contents, increased performance as well as extended table and WebDAV functionality. Other important new features include the possibility to insert accessible tables and enhanced dialogs for lists, page properties and headings. Additionally it is now possible to include background images, insert comments or use further JavaScript-API functionality. The new version adds official support for the just-released Firefox 1.5 browser. Having a valid software maintenance subscription, RealObjects edit-on Pro customers can upgrade to version 4.3 free of charge. A free evaluation version is available at