Inmedius, Inc. released S1000Dtransition, a publishing program that produces or transforms structured ASD S1000D Data Modules into common types of print output, including traditional, paper-based manuals. Maintaining one source repository, S1000Dtransition simplifies and expedites the process. Users can produce S1000D, and other commercial or military specification-based documentation, from a single data source, including; ATA iSpec 2200 (Air Transport Association of America, Inc.), AESP (Army Equipment Support Publication), and AvP70 (Aviation Publication). The software also provides publishing support functions, including; PDF Creation, LooseLeaf Production to create printed manuals, Change Page Management to address subsequent updated versions or editions of documentation, Dual Language Support, and a set of Batch File Processing tools to perform tasks on source files. Transition converts a batch of S1000D SGML/XML Data Modules (DM) to an Adobe PDF file. The software will convert either a single PDF file for each DM or merge a series of DMs into one linear PDF. Transition also converts the element into PDF links, enhancing navigation. Technical documentation publishers produce, manage and update paper-based manuals through the system’s LooseLeaf Production and Change Page Management functions. This reduces paper and printing expenses, as only those single sheets (or series of pages with changes) need reproduced, rather than publishing entirely new manuals. Transition’s Dual Language support allows for two languages to appear side-by-side on screen and in print.