Information Mapping, Inc. (IMI), provider of Information Life Cycle Solutions to the Global 1000, announced it has released a Topic-Based Document Suite for Content Mapper, including XML document Schemas in support of DITA, Mapping Object Model (MOM) and other standard document structures. Content Mapper is a Microsoft Word-based authoring tool that generates XML and integrates with content management systems (CMS). Combined with the Content Mapper Standard Schema, the Content Mapper Topic-Based Document Suite allows organizations to adopt the level of document structure that they find most practical for their business needs. Included in the document suite are tailored DTDs and Schemas for use by companies who have adopted DITA and MOM standards for content creation. DITA and MOM are complementary and can be customized to easily support additional document structures related to specific business needs or technologies. DITA is an open-source standard for topic-based authoring and information publishing. It allows authoring and effective metadata tagging for truly integrated authoring and content management. The DITA standard is being adopted by international companies including IBM, Intel, Nokia, Adobe, Autodesk and Texas Instruments. The Mapping Object Model standard (“MOM”) supports Information Mapping’s information architecture from Formatting Solutions(TM) which is used by more than 250,000 people around the globe. It supports 6 information types, hierarchical data structures, and the most common Information Mapping templates. This Schema allows users to easily import previously created Formatting Solutions documents into Content Mapper. IMI will demonstrate Content Mapper with the Topic-based Document Suite to customers, analysts and the press at the Gilbane Conference On Content Management Technologies in Boston, November 29-December 1.