Lighthouse Seminars and Bluebill Advisors announced that the Gilbane Boston Conference taking place this week has added a special live interview on Massachusetts OpenDocument format controversy. David Berlind, Executive Editor of ZDNet, will interview Morgan Reed, Vice President of the Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) live on the stage in the exhibit area of the Gilbane Conference at the Essex ballroom at Westin Copley in Boston. Thursday, December 1, 1:00 p.m. The State of Massachusetts is currently embroiled in a controversy about its decision to standardize on the OASIS OpenDocument Format (ODF). ODF competes with the Microsoft Office format, and the decision is strongly opposed by Microsoft. The Association for Competitive Technology (ACT), a lobbying organization focused on the “…interests of small and mid-size entrepreneurial technology companies…” also opposes the State’s decision. David will quiz Morgan why ACT is supporting Microsoft’s position. The Massachusetts decision is being watched very closely by other state and national governments as well as private industry, and if it stands, it will have dramatic effects on both the technology governments buy, and on the way they manage and store all their documents. This interview is a chance to hear what is really at stake, and why a lobbying organization for small technology companies would support Microsoft’s position. The interview is free for all expo visitors. The contact for Press/Media Sponsors is Evan Weisel, (703) 628-5754,