FatWire Software announced FatWire Content Server 6.3, the latest version of its content management platform, and FatWire Analytics, the newest module in the Content Server product family. Combined, these releases provide a platform for Web applications by adding analytics and design tools that enable marketers and other business users to monitor the success of online content and quickly change its delivery. These features build accountability into persuasive content initiatives and help to ensure their success. Content Server 6.3 and FatWire Analytics build on existing product family capabilities for business users to create and edit content, segment customers, and target content delivery. With FatWire Analytics, marketers and other non-technical users can now also view data on site visitor demographics and usage patterns, content usage, and campaign success. New features in Content Server 6.3 enable non-technical users to change the layout and design of content. FatWire will be available at the Gilbane Conference on Content Management Technologies in Boston this week, November 29th thru December 1st. http://www.fatwire.com