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Gilbane Creative Commons content license

Our blog content is now under a Creative Commons license. The version of the license we chose was pretty much what we always told people they could do anyway. There are some rights reserved which you can read about.

We have not done the same for our main site as the issues are a bit trickier given almost 14 years of content, some of it generated with custom agreements, but you can always ask us about content there, and we are fairly liberal with granting permissions.


  1. James

    Good to see you have embraced Creative Commons. Many analysts are also embracing for the notion of open source industry analysis.

  2. Frank Gilbane

    Thanks James. We made all of our reports free last year, and are now looking at new business models for our analyst business, including open-source-like models, although I have to say it is not entirely obvious to me yet how this would work.

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