Antenna House, Inc. announced that XSL Formatter V3.4, their newest XSL-FO processor, is now available. As an option Antenna House is offering with V3.4 the ability to support PANTONE Colors. The PANTONE Option provides the ability for more than 1000 PANTONE Colors to be converted into RGB or CMYK values automatically. V3.3 also offers improvements many new enhancements that have been implemented through FO extensions. These include: 1) PANTONE Colors can now be supported using the new PANTONE Option; 2) show-distination is now effective with Distiller; 3) axf:document-info has been extended and the magnification and the action, etc. when opening PDF can be specified. The document information dialog for this function is also newly added; 4) in SVG is supported; 5) Line Numbering is now able to be output; 6) Extension for European Rule is newly provided; 7) axf:avoid-widow-words is now available to specify so that the last line of the paragraph does not become one word; 8) overflow=”error-if-overflow” is supported; 9) When layout=”auto” is specified for the table, the number of rows can now be controlled by the option setting file.