XyEnterprise announced a new packaged offering for creating and publishing documentation for air, sea, and land vehicles used by the military. The new XyEnterprise offering targets content compliant with the S1000D standard, which prescribes the mark-up used in authoring and exchanging technical content describing these complex systems. The standard is maintained by the Aerospace and Defense Industries Association of Europe and the Aerospace Industries Association in the US and is increasingly mandated for existing and new military programs. This new offering integrates XyEnterprise’s Content@ content management software with editorial, publishing and interactive electronic viewing technologies (“IETM”), providing a complete solution for content creation, management and delivery of S1000D compliant data. The Content@ Solution Set for S1000D contains a Common Source Data Base providing history, version control, workflow and security that is pre-configured to support the S1000D specification. In addition, the common source data base provides support for other structured data types in SGML or XML format as well as unstructured data, binary files, graphics and other forms of content.