Xenos Group, Inc. (TSX: XNS) unveiled the Oracle Asset Vault solution for financial services organisations. The Asset Vault solution is an offering from Oracle and Xenos comprising Xenos d2e Vision software residing on Oracle Application Server 10g. It enables organisations to load, update and consolidate multiple disparate document archives into a single, high volume, high performance, Oracle database10g without changing existing legacy applications. This enables customers, CSAs, agents and financial advisors to have Web access to multiple systems with dynamic retrieval and view customer documents such as statements, cheque images, signatures, invoices, policies and correspondence, as well as access to XML-enabled e-business applications. Xenos d2e Vision version 2.1 processes IBM AFP and Xerox Metacode/DJDE printstreams, PDF documents and TIFF files to generate PDF, HTML/CSS, Image, TIFF, AFP, Metacode and XML Output formats for e-business applications such as customer Statement presentment. Xenos d2e Vision version 2.1 runs on Windows NT/2000/XP, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris and IBM z/OS (running Unix Systems Services) with JVM 1.4.x. http://www.oracle.com,