X-Hive Corporation announced the general availability of X-Hive/DB version 7.0. Key new features of X-Hive/DB 7.0 include: path indexes that allow more detailed specification of what nodes to index and also allow multiple values to be used as index keys; improved Lock acquisition priority and deadlock victim selection; and compliancy to the current XQuery Working Draft from the 15 September 2005 and the related specifications (XQuery & XPath functions, XQuery & XPath Data Model, etc.); versionable BLOBs; and XQuery update statements. X-Hive/DB 7.0 is now commercially available on the X-Hive Corporation Web site. A 30-day free evaluation version may also be downloaded from the Web site. X-Hive has published the results of the W3C’s XQTS XQuery test.