Verity Inc. (NASDAQ:VRTY) announced Verity Search, a new family of business search products that, with a single query, provides unified results from multiple, simultaneous searches across targeted sources. Verity believes business search solutions must be built for business with dedicated service and support readily available; be tunable for relevance based on business needs; search all relevant sources, from internal repositories to external Web servers and paid subscription sites; allow multiple ways to search for documents, databases and applications; conform with a business’ security, privacy and audit standards; and, provide unified results from multiple searches done simultaneously from a single query. Using the Verity Search family, a user can make a single query and have the desktop, email, secure corporate repositories, the public Internet, intranet and subscription-based Web sites be searched and have the results displayed by user preference. An integral component of the Verity Search family is the new Verity Business Desktop product that will be generally available November 2005.