Thunderhead announced the availability of version 2.2 of its XML-based Thunderhead Platform. Version 2, which was designed to accelerate business processes around document generation, automates the use of standard content across multiple documents and can assemble specific content according to pre-defined business rules set by the customer. Version 2 also offered streamlined approval procedures and document testing functions. Version 2.2 introduces full support for business user controlled XML generation across the range of industry specific schemas. Thunderhead now includes out-of-the-box XML transformation support which enables the business users to dynamically add in new XML Adapters for their industry standard XML schemas without the need to change any code. Both DTCC DerivSERV FpML and LIXI XML versions of this generic Adapter are included in version 2.2. Thunderhead is embarking on an on-going program of support for emerging industry schemas. In the first instance this will include MISMO, ACORD, ICE and EFET. Version 2.2 also provides improved scalability and new management features. A new management information reporting module has been added to the administration client which enables users to select and report comprehensively on any data within the Thunderhead system.