PaperThin, Inc. announced advanced content classification and discovery capabilities in CommonSpot Content Server version 4.6. New features include a taxonomy term editor and a taxonomy API, along with a facet-based navigation element. The taxonomy term editor lets organizations build and manage taxonomies directly within CommonSpot. Each taxonomy defines one or more facets or hierarchical views into the data by defining ‘broader than’ and ‘narrower than’ relationships between terms. Terms can also be defined to have other relationships in accordance with the ANSI Z.39 standard. Content can then be assigned to terms using the taxonomy classification custom metadata field. The taxonomy API allows developers to programmatically access any of the terms and relationships within a taxonomy. Also included in version 4.6 is a container element which provides Web designers and developers increased control and flexibility over the positioning and scheduling of content on a page. The element delivers support for table-less layout of content using Cascading Style Sheet Positioning (CSS-P).