Alfresco, Inc. announced that it is making available the Alfresco Enterprise Network Release Candidate. This integrates closely to the JBoss Cache, JBoss Application Server and Hibernate utilizing the underlying scalability and high-availability features. Alfresco utilizes JBoss Cache’s ability to distribute and maintain data caches, making it possible to build large-scale systems which allows Alfresco to deliver cached data at in memory speeds. Alfresco also utilizes the clustering, failover and load balancing facilities of the JBoss Application Server to increase scalability. Content models are more complex than traditional relational database tables. Alfresco utilizes Hibernate to control the content management schema. Alfresco complements these products with content replication and use of Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) to integrate to different, configurable authentication systems. Features of the Alfresco Enterprise Network are single sign-on through Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) across the JBoss Portal and portlets,fail-safe content services, a massively parallel content grid, and distributed high availability within the data centre and between disparate data centres.