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Day: October 17, 2005

Idiom & Blast Radius Partner

Idiom Technologies, Inc. and Blast Radius Inc. announced the launch of a joint solution that provides a single, comprehensive system for global content delivery. The integrated solution is based on Idiom WorldServer and Blast Radius XMetaL software. Combined, WorldServer and XMetaL enable global organizations, especially those with complex content communications requirements, to speed the transition to modern, topic-oriented approaches using XML. Users can capitalize on the benefits of a structured, single-source environment for the delivery of global marketing materials, products and websites. Blast Radius recently announced availability of its XMetaL Author DITA Edition, an XML application built exclusively for authoring and publishing content using DITA. XMetaL Author DITA Edition complements Idiom WorldServer OpenTopic. ,

Thunderhead Enhances Document Automation Platform

Thunderhead announced the availability of version 2.2 of its XML-based Thunderhead Platform. Version 2, which was designed to accelerate business processes around document generation, automates the use of standard content across multiple documents and can assemble specific content according to pre-defined business rules set by the customer. Version 2 also offered streamlined approval procedures and document testing functions. Version 2.2 introduces full support for business user controlled XML generation across the range of industry specific schemas. Thunderhead now includes out-of-the-box XML transformation support which enables the business users to dynamically add in new XML Adapters for their industry standard XML schemas without the need to change any code. Both DTCC DerivSERV FpML and LIXI XML versions of this generic Adapter are included in version 2.2. Thunderhead is embarking on an on-going program of support for emerging industry schemas. In the first instance this will include MISMO, ACORD, ICE and EFET. Version 2.2 also provides improved scalability and new management features. A new management information reporting module has been added to the administration client which enables users to select and report comprehensively on any data within the Thunderhead system.

Alfresco Partners with Siennax; Releases Dutch Language Pack

Alfresco, Inc. announced that it is partnering with Siennax to offer a trusted, hosted service for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Siennax offers a utility computing platform with services for application management, learning management, billing and payment and sourcing. In this hosted model Siennax applies a “pay-as-you-go” model whereby clients pay only for the services they actually use. Siennax has a Trust Services Certification. This is an auditing standard established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA). Alfresco also announced the release of a Dutch Language Pack.

PaperThin Announces Content Classification & Discovery Capabilities

PaperThin, Inc. announced advanced content classification and discovery capabilities in CommonSpot Content Server version 4.6. New features include a taxonomy term editor and a taxonomy API, along with a facet-based navigation element. The taxonomy term editor lets organizations build and manage taxonomies directly within CommonSpot. Each taxonomy defines one or more facets or hierarchical views into the data by defining ‘broader than’ and ‘narrower than’ relationships between terms. Terms can also be defined to have other relationships in accordance with the ANSI Z.39 standard. Content can then be assigned to terms using the taxonomy classification custom metadata field. The taxonomy API allows developers to programmatically access any of the terms and relationships within a taxonomy. Also included in version 4.6 is a container element which provides Web designers and developers increased control and flexibility over the positioning and scheduling of content on a page. The element delivers support for table-less layout of content using Cascading Style Sheet Positioning (CSS-P).

IBM Acquires DataPower

IBM announced it has acquired DataPower, a Cambridge, Mass.-based, privately-held provider of products that help improve security and speed the processing of computer transactions. Financial details were not disclosed.
DataPower is a leading provider of SOA appliance products that enable integration and help provide security at the Web services message level. DataPower products available today include the XI50 Integration Device, which streamlines SOA infrastructures; the XA35 XML Accelerator, which offloads XML processing; and the XS40 XML Security Gateway, which helps provide message-level Web services security. DataPower security features complement the SOA security management capabilities of IBM’s Tivoli software.
IBM has a broad portfolio of SOA solutions that enable clients to more effectively model, assemble, deploy and manage business processes. Already integrated with many IBM products, DataPower builds on IBM’s existing SOA capabilities, including its WebSphere software, SOA services and consulting. IBM plans to introduce a family of SOA appliances based on DataPower technology. Through this acquisition, DataPower employees will become IBM employees. Jim Ricotta, DataPower CEO, will continue to manage DataPower and will undertake additional responsibility within IBM’s WebSphere software area.,

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