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Day: October 16, 2005

FileNet Introduces Business Activity Monitoring

FileNet Corporation (NASDAQ:FILE) introduced its new FileNet Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) solution, which provides real-time event management and visibility of business performance data to enhance operational responsiveness and decision making. Based on FileNet’s P8 Enterprise platform, BAM runs in conjunction with FileNet’s BPM capabilities. Business managers can receive alerts via customizable dashboards, and if need be, can automatically initiate actions or workflows based on those alerts. Business managers can also analyze data and correlate it with business processes, as well as data from other enterprise applications. FileNet BAM’s architecture, FileNet P8, features a streaming database capability to help eliminate data latency. FileNet BAM is currently scheduled to begin shipping in December 2005, and is available now. Pricing starts at $115,000, which includes an application server and a 10-user license.

Epicor Delivers Enterprise Information Portal Solution

Epicor Software Corporation (NASDAQ:EPIC) announced the availability of Epicor Portal, a server framework for self-guided, role-based access to Epicor applications that enables cross-enterprise collaboration. Using Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003, Epicor Portal incorporates real-time collaborative capabilities for multiple audiences with workspaces that combine documents, business data queries, announcements, and tasks. Secure portal access to information across Epicor applications along with data discovery and data visualization via Epicor Portal is the first deliverable in Epicor’s new portal offering. User, role and industry-specific content packs, currently in development, encapsulate business processes, workflow, alerting and transactions into specialized Web parts making Epicor Portal an extension of the application. Available immediately, Epicor Portal Server will be leveraged across all Epicor product families – Enterprise, Manufacturing, and iScala.

VeriSign Acquires Moreover Technologies

VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRSN) announced the acquisition of Moreover Technologies, a wholesale aggregator of real-time content for Web sites, search engines and enterprise customers. By combining Moreover’s content aggregation services with VeriSign’s global feed management infrastructure, VeriSign will offer bloggers, publishers, enterprises and Web portals an intelligent and scalable, real-time content platform. The new content aggregation services will utilize VeriSign’s ping server infrastructure to increase the reliability and intelligence of its content distribution network. Currently, Moreover aggregates more than 12,000 news sources and millions of blogs. Harvesting information from across 126 countries in 25 languages, Moreover uses a content tagging system with more than 30 metadata tags and 380 categories to deliver hundreds of thousands of unduplicated real time content articles every day. The price of the acquisition was approximately $30 million in cash and it is being accounted for as a purchase transaction.

KnowNow eLerts Now Available as Hosted Service for Branded RSS Notification

KnowNow, Inc. announced that its new KnowNow eLerts service is now available as a hosted solution for businesses. The KnowNow eLerts service, which instantly notifies users about changes in information as soon as it happens, can be used as part of an overall marketing and branding campaign to more effectively communicate and update employees, customers and partners. Businesses can securely deploy this service for internal and extranet use with proprietary data or communications. For employees and partners, access to KnowNow eLerts means that time sensitive information can be received immediately from internal or external sources. Whether from websites or enterprise systems, transactions and CRM data arrives as it changes. Companies can push wanted information directly to customers, such as promotions, news, policy changes, new offerings and events.

Adobe Introduces InDesign Server CS2 for System Integrators & Developers

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) announced Adobe InDesign Server CS2, which enables system integrators and third party developers to build automated, design-driven publishing solutions. Built on the same code base as Adobe InDesign CS2, their design and layout program, Adobe InDesign Server CS2 brings high-end composition and graphics support to a server platform, allowing Adobe partners to introduce automation and design quality to editorial workflows, collateral creation, data-driven publishing and template-based Web publishing solutions. InDesign Server CS2 offers programming capabilities via scripting, C++, or SOAP. InDesign Server CS2 delivers output capabilities, built-in language support, scripting DOM (document object model), and SDK as Adobe InDesign CS2 software. Additional features include support for multiple concurrent instances, error capturing, and server operating system support for Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, or Mac OS X Server, version 10.3.x and 10.4.x. InDesign Server CS2 solutions will be available through third parties as a component of automated publishing solutions designed and built by system integrators and developers. Currently, as part of a pilot program for InDesign Server CS2, Cacidi, the Peter Schmidt Group, Managing Editor Inc. (MEI), Sansui Software, SoftCare Software-Service GmbH, XMPie Inc., Wave2 Media Solutions Limited, and WoodWing Software are building and deploying solutions. Adobe InDesign Server CS2 will be available to qualified Adobe developer partners in Fall 2005.

X-Hive Corporation Announces General Availability of X-Hive/DB, Version 7.0

X-Hive Corporation announced the general availability of X-Hive/DB version 7.0. Key new features of X-Hive/DB 7.0 include: path indexes that allow more detailed specification of what nodes to index and also allow multiple values to be used as index keys; improved Lock acquisition priority and deadlock victim selection; and compliancy to the current XQuery Working Draft from the 15 September 2005 and the related specifications (XQuery & XPath functions, XQuery & XPath Data Model, etc.); versionable BLOBs; and XQuery update statements. X-Hive/DB 7.0 is now commercially available on the X-Hive Corporation Web site. A 30-day free evaluation version may also be downloaded from the Web site. X-Hive has published the results of the W3C’s XQTS XQuery test.

DocuLex Releases Version 7.1 of Their Desktop Search

DocuLex, Inc. announced the release of Version 7.1 of Desktop Search for electronic document search & retrieval for all document management requirements. The program rapidly searches existing and imported files on local network servers or CD-ROM, utilizing the user’s desktop PC. The program offers over two dozen indexed, full-text and fielded data search options, with most searches taking less than a second, even across large databases. Thorough search capabilities include Boolean, phrase, phonic, numeric, proximity & direct proximity, fuzzy algorithm, concept/synonym/thesaurus and macro-frequency, by individual or combined search types. DocuLex Desktop Search indexes Microsoft Outlook messages, along with automatic attachment search support including an all hit-highlighted display feature.

Marqui Expands Marketing Suite to Include Corporate Blogging Module

Marqui, Inc. announced it has added a corporate blogging module to its Web-based suite for marketers. Marqui designed its blog module specifically for business users, adding features such as enhanced trackback management, approval-based workflow and a flexible architecture that allows for reader surveys. The blog module is an extension of Marquis Web-based software suite, which helps organizations simplify and automate a wide range of marketing communications initiatives, such as e-mail campaigns, newsletters, Web sites, RSS and more. With Marqui, businesses get browser-based access to one application that provides content management, business process management, subscriber e-mail campaign management, and measurement capabilities. Marqui’s suite is based on the software-as-a-service model. The module features approval-based workflow, which means companies can exercise some control over the information that gets published to the corporate blog, so companies concerned about disclosure or regulatory compliance can involve communications or legal professionals in the approval process. Marqui delivers comment moderation, and enables companies to manage trackback spam. Users have the option to approve trackbacks before they are posted to the site. Organizations also have the option to invite blog readers to do more than just fill out a simple comment box. For example, companies can easily customize the commenting system to solicit feedback on specific questions or conduct brief surveys to help with market research. This includes adding Technorati tags or even integrations with FeedBurner. Marqui’s blogging module is available immediately and can be purchased as a stand-alone solution or bundled with the rest of the Marqui suite. Subscriptions start at $2,500/year (USD).

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