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Day: October 3, 2005

Hummingbird Updates Integration Suite

Hummingbird Ltd. (NASDAQ:HUMC) (NASDAQ: TSX:) (NASDAQ:HUM) announced the latest release of Hummingbird Integration Suite featuring Hummingbird Genio 6.0, the new version of its data integration platform that transforms, cleanses, enriches and directs information across the entire spectrum of decision support systems and enterprise applications. Hummingbird Genio is a data integration solution that spans the functional areas of data extract, transformation, and load (ETL) and enterprise application integration (EAI). At the core of Hummingbird Genio is an engine that controls the flow of data from various sources in a hub-and-spoke data exchange architecture. An integral component of Hummingbird Enterprise, Hummingbird Genio provides content integration capabilities between the Hummingbird Enterprise content management solution and external applications and content repositories. It allows migration and consolidation of content repositories without programming or data staging.

XyEnterprise Announces Solution for S1000D Publishing Environments

XyEnterprise announced a new packaged offering for creating and publishing documentation for air, sea, and land vehicles used by the military. The new XyEnterprise offering targets content compliant with the S1000D standard, which prescribes the mark-up used in authoring and exchanging technical content describing these complex systems. The standard is maintained by the Aerospace and Defense Industries Association of Europe and the Aerospace Industries Association in the US and is increasingly mandated for existing and new military programs. This new offering integrates XyEnterprise’s Content@ content management software with editorial, publishing and interactive electronic viewing technologies (“IETM”), providing a complete solution for content creation, management and delivery of S1000D compliant data. The Content@ Solution Set for S1000D contains a Common Source Data Base providing history, version control, workflow and security that is pre-configured to support the S1000D specification. In addition, the common source data base provides support for other structured data types in SGML or XML format as well as unstructured data, binary files, graphics and other forms of content.

Quadralay Ships WebWorks ePublisher Pro for FrameMaker

Quadralay Corporation announced the immediate availability of its software solution for creating online content, WebWorks ePublisher Pro for Adobe FrameMaker. WebWorks ePublisher Pro is a completely re-engineered, XML-based version of Quadralays single-source online publishing solution and is compatible with FrameMaker 7.2. WebWorks ePublisher Pro for FrameMaker gives users the ability to create customized content for the Web, intranets, professional online Help systems, portable devices, enterprise-ready XML, or PDFs. WebWorks ePublisher Pro for FrameMaker includes a new interface and XML-based processing for improved performance. The new application also includes an online content-preview window for visual style development, and GUI-based advanced customizations. A new feature called IntelliStyles automatically imports an authors preexisting FrameMaker styles into a WebWorks ePublisher Pro project. Adobe FrameMaker 7.2 software includes WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition 8.0. WebWorks ePublisher Pro is priced at US$1,395 for authors, and internationally for US$1,515. WebWorks ePublisher Pro for Word is available for purchase by authors for US$1,000, and internationally for US$1,100.


If you have been hearing about Ajax technology and are curious, you might want to check out this pretty cool dictionary site. The developer offers a helpful explanation of how it works, including some potential risks and tradeoffs. Up until now, Google Suggest has been kind of the canonical example of Ajax for this kind of application, but I think I like this one better. Some of the bloggers over at ZDNet have been doing a nice job of explaining Ajax and other such technologies and how they will impact traditional applications such as Microsoft Office. I think there are all kinds of implications for content management, with authoring and search interfaces only the beginning.

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