Yaletown Technology Group Inc. announced the availability of Records Crawler for FileNet. Records Crawler, a component of YTG’s CONSPECT compliance solution, is a records management tool integrated with FileNet’s FileNet P8 Records Management suite, providing management and integration of content assets that reside outside of FileNet ECM repositories. Based on YTG’s extensible Universal File Importer (UFI) technology, Records Crawler for FileNet is a server side engine which searches network drives and user hard drives for important documents that must be managed in accordance with corporate policies, and should not be managed independently by users. Upon finding uncontrolled documents, Records Crawler applies policies to those documents and depending on the status of the files, will take appropriate action such as delete the document, create a shortcut to the official version stored in the repository, declare the document as a record, import the document directly into the records repository, or modify the security of the document in the file system so it cannot be edited or changed.