Xyleme Inc. and Offline Digital (Pty) Ltd. announced a new partnership to deliver a publishing solution developed specifically for the travel industry. The solution integrates Xyleme’s product, Xyleme Server, with Offline Digital’s personalized brochure fulfillment application. The combined solution provides web applications designed for use directly by tourists, travel agents, and travel call centers. Tourists can search the content to build personalized itineraries and travel brochures for their own use or forward an e-brochure to friends and relatives. Travel agents and travel call centers can offer incremental value and services by rapidly building personalized selections for an individual customer to print, fax, or email. In the past, Offline Digital used a relational database for storage but found that the heterogeneous travel content could not be easily and rapidly loaded, nor could users perform contextual search queries, severely limiting the level of customization provided to their customers. Xyleme Server is a XML content management solution which lets publishers store, organize, classify, and add intelligence to high-value content in order to rapidly query, assemble and publish specialized products in any format and through any channel. http://www.xyleme.com,