ISYS Search Software announced the immediate general availability of ISYS:web 7, the company’s enterprise search solution for public websites, corporate intranets and portals. At query time, ISYS:web 7 automatically displays categories that enable users to drill down and quickly find the right information. ISYS also provides administrators with tools for modifying categories according to their business rules. ISYS:web 7 parses raw search log data into reports that enable organizations to monitor, measure and analyze search behavior. Users can create custom reports or use the standard reports ISYS ships with, including top searches, peak search hours, and trends in the frequency of search terms. ISYS:web 7 offers 100-percent web-based administration. ISYS:web 7 can be deployed it out of the box, or, for organizations requiring greater flexibility, achieve maximum customization via ISYS:web 7’s developer’s toolkit, which includes .NET and SOAP interfaces. Administrators can create an unlimited number of indexes and chain up to 128 indexes, enabling users to search across 8 billion documents with a single search. ISYS:web 7 now offers enterprises the ability to leverage multiple processors to build indexes in tandem. ISYS:web 7 allows administrators to create multi-language indexes via Unicode.