Inxight Software announced the general availability of Inxight SmartDiscovery Analysis Server 4.2. Inxight SmartDiscovery Analysis Server 4.2 now includes Inxight’s ThingFinder Advanced product, a new module allowing users to extend entity extraction to pattern-based entity types not supported out of the box. Using ThingFinder Advanced, users can define custom entity types as patterns of tokens in regular expression syntax, enriched with word stems and part-of-speech tags. This makes it possible to extract information such as internal part numbers, docket numbers, chemical compounds, and other specialized entities. In addition to Inxight’s out-of-the-box detection of more than 25 different entities (people, places, companies, etc.) and custom list-based entities in electronic text, the ThingFinder Advanced service in SmartDiscovery Analysis Server 4.2 now makes available various entity types designed for counterterrorism and law enforcement, including weapons, geographical coordinates, vehicles, and facilities. There are also enhancements to Document Categorization, Search, Administration, and Adapter Modules. Inxight SmartDiscovery Analysis Server 4.2 is generally available now.