FileNet Corporation (NASDAQ:FILE) introduced the latest version of its FileNet P8 Web content management suite, FileNet Web Content Manager 3.0 (WCM 3.0). FileNet Web Content Manager is an ECM solution that leverages FileNet P8’s content management and integrated business process management capabilities to enable non-technical business users to design, create, review, manage, and publish Web content while still providing Webmasters the capability to administer multiple Web sites. WCM 3.0 provides an object-based WCM solution that separates content from layout, and provides content re-use across sites. Among the new and enhanced features of FileNet Web Content Manager is integration with FileNet’s Business Process Management capabilities and support for clustering for improved scalability. WCM 3.0 also features a new FileNet P8 integrated, user interface that provides content entry templates, and a component level architecture, which supports versioning and the revision of content at the object level, rather than the page level.