Emagine launched emagiC CMS based on .NET technology. emagiC CMS.Net adds many features and uses version 2.0 of the .NET framework. emagiC CMS.Net is a solution uniting content management with site management and portal management. Content is independent of the pages and can be added dynamically to a page. The web based administration now supports drag & drop, bringing it closer to traditional windows applications than before. The site management, which was already available in the existing emagiC CMS products, enables extranet security on the page level and dynamic navigation. emagiC CMS.Net consists of a framework that comes with a number of standard modules to manage different types of content, such as a wysiwyg editor, a dynamic menu, a rotator and an image gallery. The license can be extended with optional modules, including the XForms application, based on the W3C XForms standard. It manages structured content, such as product catalogues, news items or jobs. emagiC CMS.Net is already available for partners through the extranet. In October, the product will become publicly available for download. Additional modules will be launched this fall to complete the emagiC CMS.Net product range. The existing emagiC CMS, based on ASP/COM technology, and the new emagiC CMS.Net will co-exist as two separate products, since many web developers have not yet switched to .NET development. The modular licensing models allows choosing the right components for each project. Pricing starts at 1600 Euros.