Authentica, Inc. announced updates to its products and partner program. The company has new versions of Secure Mail (formerly Mail Recall) and Secure Documents for PDF (formerly Page Recall). Authentica Secure Mail 4.0 provides users with a rights management solution for secure e-mail, helping to ensure e-mail is kept confidential and the content associated with it is only accessed by authorized users. The new version of Secure Documents for PDF adds additional, high levels of protection to Adobe PDF files. The solution supports Adobe Viewer 5.0 on Solaris 9 and 10 and works with Secure Mail and existing content management and workflow solutions such as Documentum eRoom, Filenet Content Manager, Hummingbird DM, Lotus Notes Domino and Microsoft SharePoint. Secure Documents for PDF 4.0 provides enhanced watermarking features to ensure legitimacy of the document and alleviate any ability to tamper with the document. As an Advanced-level IBM Business Partner, Authentica has integrated secure e-mail capabilities within the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino environment.