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Day: September 7, 2005

Intellext Releases Watson 2.0

Intellext announced the general availability of Watson 2.0. The latest downloadable version of Watson lets users select their favorite information sources and see the results that Watson proactively retrieves in a desktop sidebar. Watson’s sidebar display is continuously updated with real-time information that is relevant to the work being done at any given moment. Organizations can configure Watson to get information from any searchable source, using Intellext’s XML-based integration technology. Connecting Watson to enterprise knowledge systems can increase the usage of internal knowledge assets. New features added during the Watson 2.0 beta program include a Sidebar Display, an Information Source Wizard, Integration with desktop search applications (MSN, X1, and Google) and interfaces with research services. Watson 2.0 now works with the Firefox, in addition to Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, and Internet Explorer. A free trial of Watson can be downloaded at

FileNet Introduces Web Content Manager 3.0

FileNet Corporation (NASDAQ:FILE) introduced the latest version of its FileNet P8 Web content management suite, FileNet Web Content Manager 3.0 (WCM 3.0). FileNet Web Content Manager is an ECM solution that leverages FileNet P8’s content management and integrated business process management capabilities to enable non-technical business users to design, create, review, manage, and publish Web content while still providing Webmasters the capability to administer multiple Web sites. WCM 3.0 provides an object-based WCM solution that separates content from layout, and provides content re-use across sites. Among the new and enhanced features of FileNet Web Content Manager is integration with FileNet’s Business Process Management capabilities and support for clustering for improved scalability. WCM 3.0 also features a new FileNet P8 integrated, user interface that provides content entry templates, and a component level architecture, which supports versioning and the revision of content at the object level, rather than the page level.

More Interest in DITA

We keep seeing lots of interest in DITA, the Darwin Information Typing Architecture. One sign of growth is the emergence of several regional user groups. Mark Nazimova invites people in the New York City area to a kickoff meeting of NYDUG (the New York DITA Users’ Group).

The first meeting is on Tuesday, September 13, beginning at 6:30 p.m., at Information Builders’ headquarters at 2 Penn Plaza in Manhattan. The location is directly above Penn Station in midtown Manhattan (24th floor). It’s convenient to most subway lines, LIRR, New Jersey Transit, just down the avenue from the Port Authority Bus Terminal, just down the street from PATH, and two subway stops from Metro North.

Mark asks that you RSVP. If you are coming, he will need to give your name to building security; if you are not coming, he would like to hear from you if you are interested in DITA and in the tri-state area.

We have written about Information Builders and its use of DITA in a white paper, Topic-Oriented Information Development and Its Role in Globalization.

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