Justsystem Corporation (JASDAQ: 4686) announced the opening of its first U.S. office in Palo Alto, Calif. The new office opens following the release of the Beta version of xfy (pronounced x-fi). Justsystem is the largest Japanese software development company and maker of the most popular Japanese-language word processor. The xfy product, which is the catalyst for opening the U.S. office, is a software architecture that allows any XML document containing diverse XML vocabularies to be rendered, authored and edited as a single data set. The U.S. office will focus on development and deployment of xfy and provide technical support to customers and partners around the world. The Palo Alto office will be fully functional in marketing, sales, and customer and technical support beginning September 10, 2005. xfy Basic Edition 1.0 will be distributed free only for non-commercial personal/individual use, and academic research. , http://www.justsystem.com