Emojo announced the release of the latest module to complement their Affino LX CMS product. The Taxonomy Module, being fully integrated within the CMS, enables the Taxonomy manager to instigate widespread taxonomy changes in real time. The manager takes full control using the same web browser interface that manages the website. Affinos Taxonomy module suits any organization – public or private, that needs to address growing issues with categorizing increasing volumes of content online. Taxonomy Module Features Include: Taxonomy Based Compliance, Publishing Rules, Automatic / real time Meta Tagging, Automatic / real time A to Z listing and search indexing, Enhanced Search word association (‘Did you mean…’), Schema Sharing via XML, External Affiliate Schema Mapping, Integrated Search Analysis (Taxonomy Performance Checking), and Real time site overview of current Taxonomy compliance status. Existing Affino customers purchase the module individually when required, as is normal for Affino modules. Emojo also offers a cost effective bundle package which includes the CMS and the Taxonomy system in one price. http://www.emojo.com