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Content Technology Works! — DAM’s Role in Brand Management

Simple truth: there’s no better way to judge the effectiveness of content technologies than by listening to the people that implement them.

When I transitioned from the corporate to the analyst world, I was determined not to fall into the “continental divide” that often disconnects pundits from practitioners. I’ve found that authoring case studies is one of the best ways to avoid the abyss. The process is rewarding in many ways, but the most profound is the ability to connect the dots between the potential impact of content technologies and real-world results.

Another simple truth? Content technology works. CTW’s newest case study on Whirlpool Corporation’s implementation of digital asset management is proof positive. The story describes the journey from departmental DAM to an enterprise brand management infrastructure as told by Whirlpool’s Creative Works organization. Their successes are admirable; their experiences are best practices material; their candor provides vital advice for content technology adopters.

Although I am certainly biased, this case study is well worth the read. Check it Out!

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  1. jim wilde

    Hi Leonor,
    Thanks for sharing the Whirlpool case. I’m curious, I read the study and it it seemed that there were no feedback loops for the customers. In other words, it was a push system and not interactive. I would think since Whirlpool is a big consumer brand, they would be interested in open innovation.
    I also wonder why Whirlpool did not use open source since some of the biggest net sites, google, yahoo, the mozilla foundation, amazon all use it.
    Jim Wilde

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