Content Management Professionals (CM Pros), the international content management community of practice announced its new member-driven committee process including a framework for the formation of regional chapters. The CM Pros committee process which enables members to formally organize in groups based on geographic location or common interest in a particular topic empowers any group of at least three members to form a committee by issuing a call for participation to the entire membership. Within thirty days, the group hosts its first official meeting at which attendees elect a steering committee populated by at least three members of the group, one of whom serves as chair. The steering committee oversees the creation and progress of subcommittees and strives to advance the mission of the committee. CM Pros committees may host events and meetings as well as engage in working activities, such as by publishing newsletters or contributing white papers to CM Pro’s growing Knowledge Resource library. Named “The CM Pros [REGION] Community” or “The CM Pros [TOPIC] Community, the program is supported by CM Pros increasingly robust portfolio of services, including mailing lists, community-specific web pages, and support for events such as meetings and CM Pros Summits. Participation in CM Pros committees offers members the opportunity to build professional networks through face-to face-interaction and intensive collaboration. More than twelve regional groups plan to organize by the end of 2005, a number that is anticipated to double within a year. Founded in 2004, CM Proswhich has grown from a founding group of 30 content management experts to more than 400 membersprovides information, expertise and support to content management professionals and the organizations they serve. Join CM Pros on the Web at