Astoria Software announced new functionality that enables users of MS Word 2003 to seamlessly integrate with Astoria XML Content Management Platform Version 4.4. Designed to simplify and speed the publishing of large, complex technical documents that change often, Astoria Version 4.4 now provides MS Word 2003 users access to XML content management functionality. Authors working in MS Word 2003 will find their integration with Astoria retains Word’s user experience and functionality while adding Astoria’s XML content management capabilities, including the re-use of content along with automated review workflow, history and audit trail, and detailed notification features. Astoria’s integration with MS Word 2003 complements the company’s existing support for Adobe FrameMaker 7.1, Arbortext Epic Editor 5, Blast Radius XMetal ActiveX and Blast Radius XMetal Author 4.5.