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FAST & AskMe Partner

Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) announced an OEM partnership with AskMe under which FAST will serve as the search foundation for AskMe Enterprise, a solution for creating and managing Employee Knowledge Networks (EKN). AskMe Enterprise will be integrated with FAST InStream, an OEM-specific enterprise search solution developed to meet the complex application-based search requirements of independent software vendors (ISVs). AskMe connects employees with the most relevant internal expertise to solve problems, share ideas, and collaborate. Resulting lessons learned are automatically disseminated to other employees to promote organizational learning and also captured by the system into a knowledgebase for future reuse. ,

Interwoven Announces Content Transformation Services for TeamSite

Interwoven, Inc. (Nasdaq: IWOV) announced the availability of Interwoven Content Transformation Services for TeamSite, a new add-on module to the company’s Web Content Management (WCM) offering, enabling multi-channel publishing of business documents to multiple output formats including the Web, print, and wireless in a cross-platform environment including Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Business professionals can publish common business documents created in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint as PDF or HTML files to multiple channels across the enterprise without the need to leave the application they’re working in, change business processes, or seek IT assistance. Interwoven’s offering enables content to be transformed first into XML so this content can be reused, stored, and dynamically assembled for on-demand publishing including to Internet, intranet, and extranet sites as well as to PDF or deployed for use in a database or content-centric applications such as a CRM system. The Interwoven Content Transformation Services module for Interwoven TeamSite is available now.

FAST & IntelliReach Partner

Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) and IntelliReach Corporation announced an OEM partnership to enhance the search capabilities of IntelliReach’s messaging management system. IntelliReach’s solution will be integrated with FAST InStream, an OEM-specific enterprise search solution developed specifically to meet the complex application-based search requirements of independent software vendors (ISVs). IntelliReach plans to integrate FAST’s enterprise search solution into its policy-based message management system, scheduled for introduction later this year. ,

Emojo Releases Integrated Taxonomy Module for Affino Content Management Suite

Emojo announced the release of the latest module to complement their Affino LX CMS product. The Taxonomy Module, being fully integrated within the CMS, enables the Taxonomy manager to instigate widespread taxonomy changes in real time. The manager takes full control using the same web browser interface that manages the website. Affinos Taxonomy module suits any organization – public or private, that needs to address growing issues with categorizing increasing volumes of content online. Taxonomy Module Features Include: Taxonomy Based Compliance, Publishing Rules, Automatic / real time Meta Tagging, Automatic / real time A to Z listing and search indexing, Enhanced Search word association (‘Did you mean…’), Schema Sharing via XML, External Affiliate Schema Mapping, Integrated Search Analysis (Taxonomy Performance Checking), and Real time site overview of current Taxonomy compliance status. Existing Affino customers purchase the module individually when required, as is normal for Affino modules. Emojo also offers a cost effective bundle package which includes the CMS and the Taxonomy system in one price.

Oracle Announces General Availability of Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g

Oracle announced the general availability of Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g, which adds enhancements to Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g Content Services, Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g Real-Time Collaboration and Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g Unified Messaging, and introduces new features with Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g Workspaces. Built on Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Application Server 10g, Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g supports seamless management of all structured and unstructured enterprise information on a single architecture. Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g Content Services offers enhanced content management functionality for all users throughout the enterprise. Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g Content Services is a platform priced and designed for enterprise-wide records management, business process automation and integrated file and document management. Formerly known as Oracle Files, Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g Content Services offers enhanced file management and sharing capabilities and adds new document lifecycle and records management functionalities and business process automation capabilities. Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g, comprised of Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g Content Services, Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g Real-Time Collaboration and Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g Unified Messaging, is available for $60 per user. Licenses for each of the three individual products are available for $45 per user. Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g Records Management is an add-on option for Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g or Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g Content Services, for an additional $100 per user in the enterprise.

Antenna House Releases XSL Formatter Web Service Interface V1.0

Antenna House, Inc. announced that XSL Formatter Web Service Interface V1.0 is now available as a new option for Antenna House XSL Formatter Server Licenses to further support the use of XSL Formatter V3 via the Internet using SOAP/HTTP. The Web Service Interface simplifies client access to XSL Formatter Server License via the internet, reduces development time, simplifies support, and lets one XSL Formatter Server license be used for multiple applications. The Web Service Interface lets a client computer send via SOAP an XML file and a stylesheet to an Antenna House XSL Formatter Server License and receive back a PDF document; simply and without the need to undertake an expensive and complicated development effort. XSL Formatter Web Service Interface V1.0 can be downloaded from:

Day Software Releases Latest Version of Content Repository Extreme

Day Software (SWX:DAYN)(OTC:DYIHY) announced the general availability of Day Content Repository Extreme (CRX) Personal Edition (PE). CRX Personal Edition is the latest version of its recently launched product line that creates a low-cost solution for the storage, management and exchange of content across smaller business environments or departments. All Day CRX editions provide infrastructure for business applications accessing and manipulating structured or unstructured content. Day CRX offers complete support for JSR 170, the Content Repository for Java technology API developed through the Java Community Process (JCP) program. The CRX Personal Edition is compatible with the CRX Standard and Enterprise Editions. Day CRX Personal Edition is suited to run content-centric Internet applications and is available on a single-processor server. A subscription license for the CRX Personal Edition can be purchased and includes a one-year license which is valid for updates and online self-help support. To commemorate the latest release of CRX, CRX Personal and Developer Editions will be offered at substantial discounts. Please visit the Day Online-Shop.

SchemaLogic Introduces Vignette Taxonomy Integrator Adapter

SchemaLogic released the Vignette Taxonomy Integrator Adapter for SchemaLogic’s SchemaServer application. The Adapter allows taxonomists, information architects and knowledge workers the ability to develop and manage Vignette categories and classifications hierarchies within SchemaLogic’s SchemaServer. Organizations can now manage and deploy Vignette taxonomies from a centralized enterprise taxonomy management system. The Vignette Adapter was built with SchemaLogic’s Integrator Technology, which manages the synchronization of common data and metadata structures to multiple subscribing systems. In addition to managing Vignette taxonomies, the Adapter provides the ability to compare and reconcile differences between the taxonomies in SchemaServer and the taxonomies in Vignette. This gives organizations enhanced flexibility for business unit disparity while allowing corporate management, governance and reconciliation of those differences.

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