Typefi Systems, Inc. has announced the release of version 2.5 of its Typefi Publishing System (TPS). TPS version 2.5 provides new capabilities for automated scriptless publishing, workflow management and content management. TPS v2.5 uses intelligent layout technology to capture design and presentation rules and then automatically layout any combination of text, tables, illustrations, inline images, and other highly-formatted elements. The publishing system is compatible with Adobe InDesign CS and InDesign CS2. Scriptless composition allows designers to create templates within InDesign that are automated through the TPS Designer plug-ins. Using layout techniques and a high-speed batch composition engine, TPS can then use that template to produce thousands of print ready pages every hour, without custom code or scripting. At the heart of TPS is an XML-based content management system. With bi-directional converters to and from Word and InDesign to the central XML repository, TPS delivers XML content production without the endusers requiring any specific XML knowledge. All text and styling changes made to the typeset pages can be automatically extracted back to the central XML repository and out to all other editions, including the source Word documents. This ensures the next edition or the repurposed and archived content always mirrors that of the printed content while remaining in a form for re-use. Because the XML is synchronized across the system from source documents to output documents, document versions published to a web site, e-book or CD will always contain the last minute changes made to the printed pages. TPS is an integrated client/server solution that can be installed on a single workstation or across a network. All the components of TPS can run on both Microsoft Windows XP and Apple Macintosh OS X. http://www.typefi.com