Interwoven, Inc. (NASDAQ:IWOV) announced that it is enabling accounting firms to streamline the document management process through an integration between its WorkSite Collaborative Document Management (CDM) system and CaseWare Working Papers, an engagement management application. As result of the integration, accounting firms can now more easily and efficiently create and manage complete client engagement files – including electronic documents, scanned paper documents, e-mails, and records – in one central Web-based CDM system. The integration, named CaseLink, was developed by Interwoven systems integrator partner RBRO Solutions, Inc. CaseWare Working Papers is an engagement management application that is widely used by accounting firms throughout the industry. Firms use the application to collect and manage all client engagement-related information, as well as to produce corresponding financial statements. Accounting firm professionals and clients will also get easy access to financial statements, reports, and other content regardless of whether they have access to the CaseWare application. With Interwoven WorkSite, they can securely access all relevant client information through Microsoft Office, or via a Web-based system. ,,