Canto announced that it has entered into a licensing agreement with MediaDex FZ LLC which will take over the marketing and sales of the Canto Cumulus Single User Products and Options becuase the Single User Product requires different marketing to the Cumulus Workgroup and Enterprise Solutions. MediaDex will be able to focus on the needs of a single professional or home user, and provide them with the right information and products. Canto will closely work with MediaDex to continue developing a product line that will be based upon Canto’s DAM technology. In August 2005, MediaDex will release two products “MediaDex Professional” and “MediaDex Standard” which will be offered as shareware on the MediaDex website. Canto will focus on marketing and selling the Cumulus Workgroup and Enterprise Server Solutions, with a strategy that includes the immediate release of Cumulus 6.6 and new solutions bundles.