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Day: July 24, 2005

Canto Cumulus Single User Becomes MediaDex; Releases Cumulus 6.6

Canto announced that it has entered into a licensing agreement with MediaDex FZ LLC which will take over the marketing and sales of the Canto Cumulus Single User Products and Options becuase the Single User Product requires different marketing to the Cumulus Workgroup and Enterprise Solutions. MediaDex will be able to focus on the needs of a single professional or home user, and provide them with the right information and products. Canto will closely work with MediaDex to continue developing a product line that will be based upon Canto’s DAM technology. In August 2005, MediaDex will release two products “MediaDex Professional” and “MediaDex Standard” which will be offered as shareware on the MediaDex website. Canto will focus on marketing and selling the Cumulus Workgroup and Enterprise Server Solutions, with a strategy that includes the immediate release of Cumulus 6.6 and new solutions bundles.

Interwoven Announces Integration with Accounting Case Management Application

Interwoven, Inc. (NASDAQ:IWOV) announced that it is enabling accounting firms to streamline the document management process through an integration between its WorkSite Collaborative Document Management (CDM) system and CaseWare Working Papers, an engagement management application. As result of the integration, accounting firms can now more easily and efficiently create and manage complete client engagement files – including electronic documents, scanned paper documents, e-mails, and records – in one central Web-based CDM system. The integration, named CaseLink, was developed by Interwoven systems integrator partner RBRO Solutions, Inc. CaseWare Working Papers is an engagement management application that is widely used by accounting firms throughout the industry. Firms use the application to collect and manage all client engagement-related information, as well as to produce corresponding financial statements. Accounting firm professionals and clients will also get easy access to financial statements, reports, and other content regardless of whether they have access to the CaseWare application. With Interwoven WorkSite, they can securely access all relevant client information through Microsoft Office, or via a Web-based system. ,,

Altova Makes XML Engines Available for Free

Altova introduced AltovaXML, an XML standards processor that includes the same XSLT 1.0, XSLT 2.0, XQuery, and XML validation engines that drive its own XML development tools. Software developers can download AltovaXML from the Altova Web site at no cost and use it within their own custom applications royalty-free. AltovaXML provides developers with an XSLT 1.0 engine, XSLT 2.0 engine, XQuery 1.0 engine, and XML validating parser together with COM, Java, and .NET interfaces so that it can be used from a variety of applications. Developers can also call its functionality from the command line. AltovaXML is a royalty-free XML standards processor to support schema-awareness in XSLT 2.0. AltovaXML is suitable for use in both client and server-side application development. Some example applications that can use the AltovaXML engines include: XML-based single source or multi-channel publishing applications that require content entered by users to be checked for validity according to a specific schema and transformed into HTML or other formats through XSLT processing; Data integration applications that transform existing XML documents into a format consistent with a new schema via XSLT or XQuery processing; Web services applications that search for and retrieve data from XML documents via XQuery processing, then present the results in valid XHTML Web pages by transforming them using schema-aware XSLT 2.0 processing. AltovaXML is offered under a free license and is immediately available with no key code required for activation.

Stellent Releases Version 7.5 of Stellent Site Studio

Stellent, Inc. (Nasdaq:STEL) released version 7.5 of Stellent Site Studio, the multi-site Web content management component of their Universal Content Management system. The application provides a software infrastructure for developing and managing intranet sites and document/records management applications; supplier, distribution and customer extranets; localized Web sites; public micro-sites; and the delivery of content and services to portals and application servers. Site Studio 7.5 enables companies to better handle Web sites throughout their lifecycle by offering Web site project files managed as content items within Stellent Content Server. Version 7.5 also provides a single-click Web site snapshot and restore functionality. Other new Web site lifecycle management features include an asset manager tool, and the ability for designers to easily mark Web site sections for “contribution only,”. A new Web content comparison feature allows users to compare current changes to a previous version of site content. With new usage reports, users can determine directly from the contribution Web site where a specific content item is used across one or multiple sites. New in-context region contribution functionality allows contributors to create new content directly within the contribution Web site. A new extensible element validation wizard allows Web developers to establish rules for Web sites. Version 7.5 also provides added tools and features for more easily deploying Section 508- and W3C WAI-compliant Web sites.

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