RSD announced the release of EOS Thin Client 3.4 with functionality designed to transparently customize the presentation of and access to content. Form management, a new feature available in its Web-based control panel, permits the administrator to set defaults for the activation of predefined actions when content is delivered on-line. These settings, which can be applied to all content or to specific groups of documents, provide the administrator with the means to tailor the presentation of content and protect against unauthorized export or e-mailing of sensitive information. When accessed, a document can automatically be converted from a print format to a viewing format. Content that is set up as a table can routinely be displayed so that headers and side titles are visible as the user scrolls through it. The process of printing can be streamlined with appropriate defaults for font size and page orientation.
Data mining is made easier by its automatic activation when a document is accessed. To address strategic and security requirements of specific organizations unable to use applets for content viewing, EOS Thin Client now delivers direct HTML viewing abilities. EOS Thin Client 3.4 offers a consistent means of administering, managing and retrieving all types of business information.