Factiva announced that it has acquired the business and assets of taxonomy consultancy Synapse, the Knowledge Link Corporation. The acquisition extends the reach and expertise of Factiva’s taxonomy consultancy in corporate taxonomy services. Factiva’s Taxonomy Services Group provides strategic advice on taxonomy development, access to pre-built taxonomies and assistance with content integration to a wide variety of organizations. Synapse adds domain expertise in industry verticals, science, technology, medicine and the arts, and its team includes more than fifty professional taxonomists, lexicographers, indexers and software developers. Factiva has acquired the rights to Synaptica, a suite of software solutions for building and maintaining taxonomies, thesauri and ontologies which integrates with search, categorization and document management technologies. The acquisition also includes the Taxonomy Warehouse web site a directory of more than 500 taxonomies, thesauri, classification schemes and other authority files from around the world, plus information about taxonomy references, resources and events. http://www.factiva.com, www.taxonomywarehouse.com