Day Software (SWX:DAYN)(OTC:DYIHY) announced the general availability of Day Content Repository Extreme (CRX), a new product that enables the storage, management and exchange of content across large-scale enterprises. Day CRX provides a standards-based infrastructure for integrating business applications with any structured or unstructured content in an enterprise. New features in Day CRX enable the exchange of high-value content between applications and repositories. Day’s CRX offers complete support for the recently approved Java technology standards for content management, JSR 170. The Content Repository for Java technology API was developed through the Java Community Process (JCP) program. By natively supporting JSR 170 in Day CRX, the new product enables applications to store, manage and access content in a Java technology-based repository, regardless of which platform, database, storage device, business or Web application was used to create the content. Day CRX provides full support for all of the functionality defined in the JSR 170 specification, including Level I, Level II and optional features. Day CRX includes capabilities that support the following JSR 170 standard specifications for content repositories: workspaces, hierarchy, reading and writing, nodes and properties, serialization, transactions, versioning, observation, access control, locking, and search via the new JSR query language and/or XPath queries. CRX can be downloaded at