Business Objects (Nasdaq:BOBJ), EDGAR Online, Inc. (Nasdaq:EDGR), and Ipedo announced an XBRL-enhanced business intelligence (XBRL-BI) solution to enable organizations to efficiently access financial information to drive more accurate financial analysis and business decisions. The XBRL-BI solution leverages the capabilities of BusinessObjects XI, EDGAR Online’s I-Metrix suite of XBRL-based products, and Ipedo XIP, an enterprise information integration platform. Utilizing financial filings from EDGAR Online’s I-Metrix Web Service and Ipedo’s XIP integration platform, BusinessObjects XI allows research analysts, institutional investors, fund managers, regulators, and corporate officers to gain insight into market conditions directly from corporate filings, as they happen. The integrated XBRL-BI solution, based on eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), combines financial domain knowledge with data integration practices to deliver a pre-built data repository ready for financial analysis. EDGAR Online’s proprietary systems convert existing SEC data into XBRL, and then make it available via its I-Metrix suite of products. Ipedo then pulls the XBRL-tagged financial data from the EDGAR Online I-Metrix service, processes the financial data and business context, and delivers it to an XBRL-enhanced BusinessObjects universe, for use with the BusinessObjects XI business intelligence platform using Crystal Reports or BusinessObjects Web Intelligence.,, ,